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This is where the sawdoc works!

Doc Jeff uses a technique to hammer blades that was developed and perfected over 180 years ago, when the circular blade was first invented.  Over the years, Doc Jeff's approach has been adapted to the requirements of today's modern high speed saw mills.  But the same time honored pride in workmanship that is the heritage of our industry is incorporated in our saw hammering.  We are pleased to offer a guarantee on all our work.  You will be satisfied with the performance of the blade, or you will get your money back.  No Bull.  It works, or there is no charge.  Make your saw troubles go away.  Get Doc Jeff to hammer your blade.

Because we are so sure of our work, we can make this guarantee.  The lumber industry deserves good service.  Jeff's Saw Pounding is here to serve. Send us your saws, and we will cure their troubles.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $125.00 per blade, (less for 30" or smaller - call) (60" diameter Max.) plus freight.  All hammering charges pre-paid by check or money order.

Send your Blades to:
Jeff's Saw Pounding
c/o Pit Stop Auto
Rt. 56 East
3843 Quaker Valley Road
Pleasantville, PA  15521

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